Obesity is now recognized as a chronic disease and is multi-factorial in origin. It can also threaten health and lead to disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and sleep apnoea (see many of the associated diseases). It can result in difficulties in everyday life, particularly if it is severe such as self esteem, physical activity and social relationships.
Obesity surgery helps patients to:
  • Lose weight in a sustainable way
  • Improve disorders connected with obesity
  • Improve quality of life
However the results from surgery do rely on commitment. It all depends on you. Surgery on its own does not result in sustained weight loss. It is only an opportunity for you to change eating habits, increase physical activity and commit to lifelong follow up.
For the rest of your life you will need to:
  • Count your Calories (1200 calories a day)
  • Count your Steps (10000 steps a day)
  • Count your kilos (weekly weighing)
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